How to hang a two bracket portrait or art piece {Northglenn family photographer}

One of the things I have heard over and over from my clients is that they struggle to get their wall art hung straight, especially pieces with two saw tooth hangers like my canvases, without putting a million holes in the wall. So today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how to get your pieces on the wall without making the wall look like Swiss cheese!

Step 1

Gather your supplies, you will need a measuring tape, level, and a pencil. If you are hanging the piece in drywall I recommend using screws and self drilling anchors so you will also need a screwdriver to install those as well.

Step 2 

Typically you want to hang your art at eye level, however if you are hanging this above a piece of furniture it may be a little higher or lower since you will want to space it about 10 inches above the top of the furniture.  If you are hanging it above a piece of furniture start by measuring from the bottom of the art piece up to the hook. Next measure for the top of the furniture piece up that amount plus 10 inches and mark that spot on the wall.

Step 3


Measure the wall to find the center so that you can make sure to center your portrait or gallery on the wall. Mark the center with a pencil or other erasable tool. Next on the back of the piece you are hanging measure the area between the two brackets. Divide the width of the area between the brackets by two and then measure that width from either side of the center dot you already marked on the wall and mark it make sure that the height of each dot matches up to the height marked in step 2.


Step 4

I recommend double checking at this point to make sure all of your measurements where correct and level. Stretch your tape measure between the two dots you have marked and use the level to make sure that they are level with one another (or use a laser level for this if you have one!) before installing your anchor and screws.

Step 5

Install your anchors and screws using the directions on the package for your specific anchors and hang your portrait on the wall! You may want to verify one more time that is is level by placing the level along the top. Enjoy!

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