My name is Jennifer Tavera I am a Colorado native who loves being outdoors and exploring our great state!

I am a wife and mom of five, who is constantly amazed by the imagination and creativity of children. I love capturing their unique personalities and the way that they interact with family.

I am a little obsessed with all things comic books, I’ve seen every Marvel movie and DC show. My all-time favorite TV show is Smallville, but if it is a comic book I have probably watched it.

I think coffee is a desert. I’ll take caramel, raspberries or lime over chocolate most days. My favorite things to do with my family are visiting a museum or barbecue and play board games with our friends.

I have always had a zeal for both photography and interior design. I love that I can put them together while helping you create both family memories and cherished art for your home.

I started Truth Photography in 2009. I knew I didn’t want to name my company after myself since too many people miss-spell my last name. The name Tavera is Sicilian in origin and means Truth. This resonated with me both because of my religious background, and because I believe each photographer tells their truth through their imagery, and so Truth Photography was born!

Jennifer is so incredibly kind and patient with our kiddos and could not be more pleased with how all of our photos turned out. Our three year old adores cameras and loves to look what’s on the screen. Jennifer was so accommodating to her running over after every few shots so she could see her pictures on the back of the camera.
Highly recommend!
— Nicole