Sometimes one of the hardest and most important parts of your session is choosing the perfect location. I am always happy to help you narrow down the choices before your session but here are some of the locations I use regularly to get you started. Please contact me for more information on any of the locations.

Denver and Boulder Photography Locations

Margaret's Pond, Westminster

While this location can be used year round it is recommended for late spring to early fall. It features the pond, beautiful trails, tall grass and a cute bridge. I recommend this location for Sunset sessions since it does not have thick enough shade for morning sessions. 

Westminster Hills, Westminster

This is a great location all year round, the tall grass and mountain view is beautiful even during the winter months. Due to the lack of shade I only shoot at this location for sunset sessions.

Tentwood Park, Westminster

I recommend this location for Spring and Summer session. In the late spring there are beautiful white wildflowers and tall green grass. This is also one of my approved locations for morning sessions since it has thick shade however I recommend starting morning sessions here at 9:00am.

This location has very similar mountain views to the location above plus a view of the lake. Both locations have their own features that do make them unique however. Not sure which to choose, email me and we can find the best one for you. This location is also only available for evening sessions. 

Standley Lake Open Space, Westminster

Waterpoint-Bello Open Space, Westminster

This is a great location for short sessions like my Fine Art sessions however does not have much to offer for longer sessions. I only shoot at this location for Sunset sessions, believe it or not both images below were taken right before sunset but have completely different looks due to the time of year and the magic of editing. 

South Boulder Creek Barn, Boulder

This is one of my favorite locations for fall and winter sessions. The barn and mountain view make it a great location for winter sessions. I do not recommend this location in the early spring due to wet conditions and the cows that are there in the spring. I use this location for Sunset sessions only.

Eastlake Shores Park, Thornton

This is another great location for year round sessions. It has a lot to offer with this wooded area on one side as well as the beautiful lake on the other. I offer morning or evening sessions here as long as there are leaves on the trees however I only use it for evening sessions in the winter months. 

Clear Creek History Park, Golden

Another great location for any time of year Clear Creek History Park offers great spots by the schoolhouse, log cabin, chicken coop and barn as well as beautiful clear creek next to the park.  I recommend this location at Sunset. 

More great locations are coming soon, in the mean time check out my locations album on Pinterest to view more of my favorite spots around the Denver and Boulder Metro areas. 

Flagstaff Ute Trail, Boulder

This location is the perfect spot for your sunset session! If you are looking for a mountain session with your family this location is just perfect!!!

(Cars not registered in Boulder bring $5 cash for parking fee)